The Three Fishes and the Fishermen

The Three Fishes and the Fishermen

The Three Fishes and the Fishermen

The moral of the story: When you see a danger coming, act immediately.

Once, there were three fishes who lived in a big pond with many other fishes. Their names were Smart, Wise and Foolish.

One day, some fishermen came near the pond and saw the fishes. They said to each other, “Wow, this pond has so many fishes! And some of them are very big and fat. We have never fished here before. Let’s come back tomorrow morning and catch them all.”

The three fishes heard what the fishermen said. They were very scared.

Smart said to the other fishes, “Friends, we are in danger. The fishermen will come tomorrow and kill us all. I don’t want to die like this. I will take my family and go to another pond tonight. You should all do the same. Hurry up and save yourselves!”

Wise agreed with Smart. He said, “You are right, my friend. It is not safe to stay here anymore. I will also follow you and take my family to another pond. Come on, everyone, let’s go!”

But Foolish did not agree with them. He laughed at them and said, “You are both cowards! This is our home. We have lived here for a long time. Nothing bad has ever happened to us here.”

He continued, “Just because some fishermen talked about catching us, you want to leave our home and go somewhere else? That is silly. Those who agree with me, stay here and don’t be afraid. We are not going to die so easily.”

He also said, “Friends, the holy books say that when it is time for us to die, we cannot escape it. If we have to die, let us die bravely in our home!”

So, the fishes in the pond split into two groups. The group that wanted to stay made fun of the other group. But that night, Smart and Wise took their families and left the pond through a small opening. Many other fishes followed them.

The next morning, the fishermen came back as they had planned. They threw their nets all over the pond and caught all the fishes that stayed behind.

None of them could escape, and the fishermen were very happy with their catch.

The moral of the story “The Three Fishes and the Fishermen” is When you see a danger coming, act immediately.

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