The Turtle and the Swans

The Turtle and the Swans

Once upon a time, there was a turtle named Kambugriva who lived in a lake. She had two good friends who were swans. Every day, they would meet on the shore of the lake, share stories, and have fun together.

One year, there was no rain and the lake began to dry up. The swans were worried and told the turtle that she wouldn’t be able to survive in the lake if all the water dried up.

The turtle knew about the problem and asked her friends to find another lake that was full of water. She also asked them to find a strong stick.

The turtle had a plan. She would hold onto the stick with her mouth while the swans held onto either end of the stick and flew to the new lake.

The swans flew far away and found a new lake with plenty of water. They came back to get the turtle and prepared to fly with her.

Before they started flying, the swans reminded the turtle to keep her mouth tightly shut and not speak or she would fall off.

They started flying and after some time, they flew over a town. The people in the town saw the two swans carrying a turtle with a stick and were amazed.

The turtle heard all the noise and opened her mouth to ask what was happening. But as soon as she opened her mouth, she fell down to the ground. The swans couldn’t do anything to stop her from falling.

When she fell down, the people of the town caught her to make a feast out of her.

Moral of the stroy “The Turtle and the Swans” is Always listen to your friends’ advice.

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