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Welcome to the Tales of Panchatantra! We are a blog dedicated to the stories of the Panchatantra, a collection of ancient Indian fables and folktales. The Panchatantra is a really cool book, and it has been told and retold for centuries.

Our goal is to share the wisdom and wit of the Panchatantra with kids like you. We are shaing the stories with the hope that these stories will inspire kids to learn more about these fascinating stories, and to apply their lessons in their life.

We believe that the Panchatantra has something to offer everyone, regardless of age, background, or culture. The stories are full of adventure, and moral lessons. It teaches about eimportance of friendship to the dangers of greed.

We will regularly publish new storiesthat explore the rich history and meaning of the Panchatantra.

We promise that reading stories will be fun!

Thank you for visiting!

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