The Jackal and the Drum

The Jackal and the Drum

The moral of this story: Only the brave succeed in life.


Once upon a time, there was a jackal named Gomaya who was very hungry. He wandered around looking for food, but he couldn’t find any. Eventually, he left the jungle where he lived and came to a deserted battlefield.

In this battlefield, a big battle had recently taken place. The armies that had fought there had left behind a drum, which was lying near a tree. When the wind blew, the branches of the tree rubbed against the drum and made a strange noise.

When Gomaya heard this noise, he was very scared. He thought about running away as fast as he could. He thought to himself, “If I don’t get away from here before whoever is making that noise sees me, I’ll be in big trouble.”

But then Gomaya had a second thought. He realized that it wouldn’t be wise to run away from something without knowing what it was. So he decided to be brave and find out where the noise was coming from.

Gomaya crept forward cautiously until he saw the drum. He realized that it was just the wind making the noise, and he wasn’t in any danger at all. So he continued his search for food, and near the drum he found plenty of food and water.

The moral of this story “The Jackal and the Drum”: Only the brave succeed in life. Gomaya was brave enough to face his fears and find out what was making the noise, instead of running away. Because of his bravery, he found food and water and was able to survive.

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