The Bug and the Poor Flea

The Bug and the Poor Flea Panchatantra-Story

The Bug and the Poor Flea

Once upon a time, there was a little white flea named Mandavisarpini. She lived in the soft, white sheets on the bed of a king. She would drink the king’s blood without anyone knowing and was very happy.

One day, a bug came into the king’s pretty bedroom. When the flea saw him, she said, “Oh no, Bug! You shouldn’t be here! You have to leave before you get caught!”

The bug said, “But I’m a guest! You should be nice to me and give me something to eat.”

The bug also said, “I’ve eaten lots of different blood, but I’ve never tasted the blood of a king. It must be really yummy because the king eats really good food. Can I please try some of the king’s blood?”

The flea was surprised and said, “Oh Bug, your bite is really sharp like a needle. And I only drink the king’s blood when he’s sleeping really deeply. I’ll let you drink some of his blood if you promise to wait until he’s asleep.”

The bug promised and said, “I’ll wait until the king is asleep and only after you’ve had some will I have some too.”

After they made this promise, the king came into his bedroom and lay down to sleep.

But the bug couldn’t wait and decided to take a little bite of the king even though he wasn’t asleep yet. The king felt the sharp bite and jumped.

He yelled at his helpers, “Hey! Something bit me in my bed! Find it because it already bit me!”

When he heard this, the bug quickly hid in a corner of the bed before the helpers could start looking for him.

But the helpers looked everywhere in the bed and found the flea hiding in the sheets. They killed her right away and then the king went back to sleep without any more problems.

This story teaches us that sometimes people make promises that they don’t keep. The flea trusted that the bug would wait until she had some blood before he had some too, but he didn’t keep his promise and she got in trouble because of it. So we have to be careful when we trust other people’s promises.

The moral of this story “The Bug and the Poor Flea” is that we should be careful when we trust other people and their promises. Sometimes people don’t keep their promises and we can get hurt because of it. So it’s important to be careful and think about whether we should trust someone or not. 

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