The Blue Jackal

The Blue Jackal

the blue jackal Panchatantra-Story

Moral of the story: If you treat your own people badly, you will end up suffering in the end.

Once upon a time, there was a jackal named Chandarava. One day, he was very hungry and couldn’t find any food. So, he went to a nearby village to look for something to eat.

But the dogs in the village saw him and started barking and chasing him. Chandarava ran as fast as he could to get away from the dogs. He ran into a house that belonged to a washerman. Inside the house, there was a big vat of blue dye.

Chandarava jumped into the vat without knowing what it was. When he came out, his whole body was blue! He didn’t look like a jackal anymore.

When the dogs saw him again, they didn’t recognize him. They thought he was some unknown animal and got scared. They ran away in all directions.

Chandarava went back to the jungle, but the blue dye wouldn’t come off. When the other animals saw him, they got scared too. They thought he was an unknown animal and ran away.

But Chandarava called out to them and said, “Hey animals! Why are you running away? Don’t be afraid. Brahma, the Lord of all creations, made me himself. He said to me, ‘The animals in the jungle don’t have a proper king. Go to the jungle and protect them.’”

He continued, “That’s why I’m here. Come and live in peace in my kingdom and under my protection. I’m the King of all three worlds – Heaven, Earth, and Hell.”

The other animals believed him and became his subjects. They said, “O Master, we’re waiting for your commands. Please tell us what you want.”

The blue jackal gave each animal a job to do. Most of the jobs were about serving him. But he didn’t want anything to do with the other jackals because he was afraid they would recognize him. So he chased them away.

The smaller animals served him while the lions and tigers went hunting for food. They brought their prey to the jackal every day. He shared the food with all the animals.

Time passed and there was peace among the animals.

One evening, Chandarava heard a pack of jackals howling in the distance. He couldn’t help himself and started howling too.

When the lion and other animals heard this, they realized that Chandarava was just a jackal who had fooled them all along.

They were angry and said to each other, “This jackal has fooled us! We won’t let him live anymore! He should be punished!”

Chandarava tried to run away but the animals caught him and beat him up.

Moral of the story “The Blue Jackal” is If you treat your own people badly, you will end up suffering in the end.

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