The Tale of Two Friends and Their Treasure

The Tale of Two Friends and Their Treasure

The Tale of Two Friends and Their Treasure

Moral of the story is Choose your friends wisely, as bad company can lead you astray.

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived two friends named Right-Mind and Wrong-Mind. Right-Mind was kind, honest, and hardworking, while Wrong-Mind was greedy and selfish. One day, Wrong-Mind came up with a plan. He wanted to take Right-Mind to another kingdom to use his skills to make money. But Wrong-Mind had a secret plan. He wanted to keep all the money for himself.

So, the two friends set off on their journey. They traveled far and wide, working hard to earn money. Thanks to Right-Mind’s skills and knowledge, they made a lot of money. They were very happy with their earnings and decided it was time to go back home.

But as they were getting closer to their village, Wrong-Mind had another idea. He suggested that they bury most of their money in the jungle so that no one would steal it or ask them for it. Right-Mind thought it was a good idea and agreed.

So, they found a big tree in the jungle and dug a hole beneath it. They carefully placed their treasure in the hole and covered it up with dirt. Then they went back home with only a little bit of money.

But a few days later, when everyone was asleep, Wrong-Mind sneaked back to the jungle. He went to the big tree where they had buried their treasure and dug it up. He took all the money for himself and went back home.

When Right-Mind found out that the money was gone, he was very upset. He couldn’t understand what had happened. Wrong-Mind pretended to be innocent and blamed Right-Mind for stealing the money. They couldn’t agree on what had happened, so they went to the village elders for justice.

The elders listened carefully to their story and decided to ask the spirit of the tree where they had buried their money to tell them who the thief was. But Wrong-Mind had another trick up his sleeve. He had asked his father to hide inside the tree and pretend to be the spirit.

When they all went to the jungle and asked the spirit of the tree who the thief was, Wrong-Mind’s father shouted from inside the tree that Right-Mind was the thief. The village elders believed him and were about to punish Right-Mind.

But Right-Mind was clever. He knew something was not right. He thought carefully about what had happened and realized that there must be someone hiding inside the tree. So, he gathered some dry leaves and grass and set them on fire near the hollow of the tree where Wrong-Mind’s father was hiding.

The heat and smoke were too much for Wrong-Mind’s father to bear. He couldn’t stay hidden any longer and came out of the tree coughing and choking. The village elders were shocked when they saw him. They demanded an explanation.

Wrong-Mind’s father had no choice but to confess everything. He told them how his son had stolen all the money and how he had helped him trick everyone.

The village elders were very angry with Wrong-Mind for his wickedness. They punished him for his crimes and praised Right-Mind for his wisdom and honesty.

Moral of the story “The Tale of Two Friends and Their Treasure” is Choose your friends wisely, as bad company can lead you astray.

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