The Mouse Princess

The Mouse Princess


Moral of the story: What is in-born, can never change.

Once upon a time, there was a peaceful hermitage on the bank of the Ganges river, where a group of hermits lived under the guidance of Guru Yadnyavalkya. The Guru was always absorbed in meditation and followed a strict discipline.

One day, while he was bathing in the river, a hawk flew overhead with a mouse in its claws. Suddenly, the mouse fell from the hawk’s grip and landed right into the hands of the Guru.

Realizing that the hawk was still hovering above, the Guru knew he couldn’t leave the mouse alone. He placed the mouse on a leaf of a nearby Banyan tree and took another bath to purify himself. He then used his powers to transform the female mouse into a little girl and took her to his hermitage.

He said to his wife, “My dear, please accept her as our blessing, as we do not have a child of our own.”

The girl grew up in the hermitage under the care and guidance of the Guru. She learned many sciences and ways of life. Both the Guru and his wife were very proud of their special child. One day, they realized that their girl had reached marriageable age and decided to find a suitable husband for her.

The next morning, using his powers, the Guru summoned various gods and asked them to marry his daughter if she chose so. But each time, the daughter would refuse, stating reasons like the Sun God was too hot, the King of Clouds was too cold and wet, the Lord of Winds was too fast and restless, and the Lord of Mountains was too hard and rigid.

Finally, on the advice of the King of Mountains, the Guru summoned the King of Mice. When the daughter met him, she was delighted and shyly agreed to marry him.

The Guru then transformed his daughter back into a beautiful female mouse so she could perform all household duties of her new family. Thus, she got married.

Indeed, it is wise to say that what is in-born can never change.

Moral of the story “The Mouse Princess” is What is in-born, can never change.