The Bird with Golden Droppings

The Bird with Golden Droppings


Moral of the story: Check thoroughly even what seems to be impossible.

Once upon a time, there was a unique bird named Sindhuka, who lived on a huge tree atop a mountain. This bird was special because when her droppings fell on the earth, they turned into gold.

One day, a hunter who had wandered to the top of the mountain decided to rest under the huge tree. As he was resting, the bird’s droppings fell near him and turned into gold. He was amazed.

The hunter thought, “I have been catching birds all these years, but I have never seen a bird’s droppings turn into gold. This is a special bird that I must catch!”

He set up a trap on the tree which the bird did not notice and got caught. The hunter, who was waiting nearby, immediately put her in a cage and started his journey home. Meanwhile, the bird regretted her carelessness.

On his way home, the hunter thought, “If I keep this bird, I will become rich, but it might raise suspicion. Someone might find out about the bird and report it to the king. It’s better if I present the bird to the king and be content with whatever he offers me in return.”

So, he went straight to the palace and told the king everything. He gifted the bird to the king.

The king was delighted to have a bird whose droppings turned into gold. He ordered his attendants to treat the bird as a royal bird and take proper care of her.

Suddenly, one of the king’s ministers suggested, “O King, how can a bird’s droppings turn into gold? How can you trust this mere hunter who lacks knowledge? I advise you to release the bird and punish the hunter for forgery.”

The king considered his trusted minister’s advice and ordered his guards to arrest the hunter and release the bird.

As soon as the bird was freed, she flew up and perched herself at the top of a nearby gate. She discharged her droppings which, to everyone’s amazement, turned into gold.

Realizing his mistake, the king ordered his guards to catch the bird. But by then, it was too late. The bird had promised herself not to be careless again and flew off where nobody could catch her again.

Moral of the story “The Bird with Golden Droppings” is Check thoroughly even what seems to be impossible.