The Crow and the Owl

The Crow and the Owl Panchatantra Story

The Crow and the Owl

Moral of the story: Sometimes it’s better to keep your thoughts to yourself to avoid trouble.

Once upon a time, all the birds in the forest decided to have a meeting. They wanted to choose a new king because their current king, Garuda, was always busy serving his master and didn’t have time for them.

The birds looked at each other and thought that the owl would make a good king. He was powerful, had impressive features, and could see at night when they were most unsafe. So, they all agreed to crown the owl as their new king.

They prepared a big ceremony with holy roots, water from holy rivers, and a beautiful throne. The Brahmins chanted from holy books while the birds beat drums and beautiful maidens sang songs of joy.

Just as the owl was about to be crowned, a crow arrived. He asked what was going on and why there was such a big celebration. The birds explained that they had decided to choose a new king and had elected the owl.

The crow thought about it and said that he didn’t think it was a good idea to crown the owl as their king. He explained that the owl was blind during the day and didn’t look very nice with his crooked nose and squint eyes. He also said that they already had Garuda as their king and there was no need to choose a new one.

The other birds listened to the crow’s arguments and started to change their minds. They thought that maybe he was right and they didn’t need a new king after all. So, one by one, they started flying away.

The owl and his wife were left alone, not understanding what had happened. The owl’s wife explained that the crow had convinced all the other birds to leave. The owl was very disappointed and angry with the crow. He shouted at him and said that from now on, their kinds would be enemies.

The crow flew away, thinking about what he had done. He realized that he shouldn’t have spoken his mind and given advice that wasn’t asked for.

Moral of the story “The Crow and the Owl” is sometimes it’s better to keep your thoughts to yourself to avoid trouble.