A blind vulture and a cat

A blind vulture and a cat

A blind vulture and a cat - Panchatantra Tale
A blind vulture and a cat – Panchatantra Tale

Moral: Never treat someone whom you hardly know as a friend.

There was one tree that was home to many birds. One day, a blind old vulture came to live in a hole in that tree. Considering an old age, the birds welcomed him and decided to give him a share of their food. In return, the blind vulgar decided to protect their little babies. Likewise, they lived happily.

A blind vulture - Panchataritra

One day, a cat passing by that tree, heard the baby birds chirping happily. But as soon as they saw the cat, they began to cry with fright. The blind vultures shouted at once. Who is there now? The clever cat knew the only way she could eat these tasty, tiny birds if she became good friends with the vulture. She said to him, I have heard much about your intelligence from the birds on the banks of the river that I just had to come and meet you, Sir.

A blind vulture and Cat - Panchataritra

The vulture felt very good when someone praised him. He asked, who are you? She said I’m a cat. The vulture shouted. Go away. Otherwise, I will eat you up. But the Smart Cat had a good plan. Cat said, I live on the other side of the river. I don’t eat meat and take bath every day in the river. She said, and I don’t think a wise one like you would eat a guest. The old vulture replied, how can I trust you? You eat birds? Oh, not anymore, sir, said the cat. God punishes those who kill others. I would never kill for food when there are such tasty fruits and herbs to eat in the forest. The vulture believed her and allowed her to stay with him in the tree hole.

Now, every day the bad cat would eat one baby bird and the blind vulture didn’t even come to know soon. The older birds found that their children were missing. They began to look for them. And as soon as the cat came to know of this, she left the tree and disappear into the forest.

A blind vulture and Cat - Panchataritra

When the birds came to the old vulture to question him, they found him sleeping. And what did they find there? A huge pile of bones. The cat would eat the baby birds and leave the bones in the vulture’s tree hole. All the parents were very angry at the vulture. They thought he had fooled them and broken their trust. Now their poor babies were dead. They cried and shouted in anger and attacked the sleeping vulture. The poor thing didn’t even know why the birds were pecking at him and hurting him so painfully. Finally, he was thrown out with no home and no friends.

Moral of the story of a blind vulture and a cat: Never treat someone whom you hardly know as a friend.

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