The Kind Doves and the Changed Hunter

The Kind Doves and the Changed Hunter

Moral of the Story: Self-sacrifice is the highest form of kindness.

In a certain jungle, there was a cruel hunter who was always on the prowl for birds and small animals. His appearance was akin to Yama, the God of death, and his heartlessness had led to his isolation from friends and family.

In this very jungle, a pair of doves lived happily. They had constructed a lovely nest at the top of a large tree.

One evening, the hunter captured the female dove when she was alone and confined her in a cage. He was in search of more prey when a sudden storm erupted, accompanied by heavy rainfall.

Frightened, he began to look for shelter from the rain and the strong wind. He couldn’t find any shelter but fortuitously found a large tree. Shivering from the rain and cold, he took refuge under this tree.

Coincidentally, this was the same tree where the captured female dove resided.

After a while, the rain began to subside and the sky started to clear. However, it was late into the night, so the hunter decided to spend the night under the tree.

He prayed, “O spirit of this tree or whoever resides here, I seek refuge under this tree for tonight. I am soaked from the rain and suffering from cold and hunger. Please protect me throughout the night.”

Meanwhile, in the nest above, the male dove was extremely worried as his wife hadn’t returned. The storm only added to his concerns. He said, “I am deeply saddened and worried that my wife hasn’t returned. Our home feels empty without her. I am concerned because of the fierce wind and it’s already late at night.”

The female dove could hear her husband’s worries from above and she called out to him.

The female dove said, “I have been captured by the hunter who has taken shelter under our tree. But I will tell you something that will be beneficial for you.”

She continued, “Guests are always considered as God. If someone ever seeks shelter in your home, you must do your best to accommodate them, even if it means risking your own life. This hunter is cold and hungry. Don’t despise him because he has imprisoned me. Instead, welcome him because he seeks refuge for the night under your protection.”

She explained, “Don’t blame this hunter for my capture. It must be the result of my past actions. Our religion teaches us that hardships like poverty, disease, imprisonment and even disaster come into one’s life as a result of one’s own deeds. Please welcome him according to our traditions, and don’t harbor hatred for him because of me.”

The male dove was moved by his wife’s virtuous advice, and he flew down to warmly greet the hunter. He said, “O friend! Welcome to our tree. Please don’t worry about anything and stay here as long as you want. Please let me know how I can assist you.”

The hunter was relieved to have a companion. He said, “O dove, please do something to help me from this terrible cold.”

Immediately, the dove flew to a distant place and brought back a piece of burning coal. He then climbed up the tree and dropped some dry leaves which caught fire.

He said to the hunter, “Please warm yourself with this fire. I regret that I am unable to provide food to relieve your hunger. As you are my guest, I offer myself. Please accept my sacrifice and make a meal out of me.”

With that, he flew into the fire and died.

The hunter was very hungry and couldn’t refuse his offer. At the same time, he was moved by such kindness. His heart was filled with compassion. He said, “A wicked man always has a troubled mind and ultimately pays for his evil actions. I am certain to go to hell for the cruel deeds I have committed for so long. But this dove has set a virtuous example and taught me a lesson in sacrifice.”

He said, “From today onwards, I will lead a disciplined life of well-being. I promise to renounce all my unnecessary luxuries.”

With that, he discarded his cage which broke and released the unfortunate female dove.

When the female dove realized that her husband was already dead and burning in the fire, she began to wail, “What good is my life without you? I have lost all interest in life.”

With that, she flew into the flames and died too.

After her death, she met her husband in heaven where he had transformed into a divine creature riding a chariot adorned with costly ornaments. The female dove realized that she too had assumed a divine form.

As for the hunter, he renounced his life as a hunter and became a sage. One day when he saw a wild forest fire, he decided to sacrifice his life as an act of repentance for his past deeds.

Thus, he atoned for his sins and was relieved of them. He went to heaven with great joy.

Moral of the Story The Kind Doves and the Changed Hunter is Self-sacrifice is the highest form of kindness.