The Elephants and the King of Mice

The Elephants and the King of Mice Panchatantra Story

The Elephants and the King of Mice

Moral of the story: Never judge someone by how they look. Everyone can be helpful in their own way.

There was a village that was destroyed by a big earthquake. The houses and streets were broken, so the people who lived there left to find new homes.

Even though the village was ruined, the empty houses became homes for many mice. The mice liked living there and soon there were lots of them.

There was a lake near the village where a group of elephants would go to drink water and take baths. To get to the lake, the elephants had to walk through the empty village.

But as the elephants walked through the village, they stepped on many mice. This was a big problem for the mice. So, the king of the mice decided to talk to the elephants and ask them to change their path.

The next day, when the elephants came, the king of the mice met them and said, “Dear elephants, we live in this empty village. When you walk through here, many mice get stepped on. Can you please take a different path to the lake? If you do this for us, I will remember to help you if you ever need it.”

The king of the elephants laughed and said, “Little king of mice, we are big elephants and we will never need help from small mice like you. But I will do what you ask and we will take a different path to the lake from now on. You don’t have to worry about us hurting you anymore.”

The king of mice thanked the king of elephants for being kind and from then on, the elephants never walked through the village again.

After some time, the elephants got caught in traps set by hunters. Many of them, including their king, got stuck in nets. They tried very hard but could not get free.

Suddenly, the king of elephants remembered what the king of mice had said. He asked another elephant who was not stuck to go tell the king of mice that they needed help.

When the elephant told the king of mice what had happened, he called all the other mice together. He said, “Now it is time for us to help the elephants like they helped us. Let’s go right now!”

So, the elephant took all the mice to where the other elephants were trapped. The mice started nibbling on the nets until they were cut loose.

The elephants were free again and very happy. The king of elephants thanked the king of mice for helping them and they became great friends.

Moral of the story “The Elephants and the King of Mice” is never judge someone by how they look. Everyone can be helpful in their own way.