The Clever Monkey and the Deceitful Crocodile

The Clever Monkey and the Deceitful Crocodile

Panchatantra Story The Clever Monkey and the Deceitful Crocodile

Moral of the Story: Use intelligence to win in difficult situations.

Once upon a time, there was a blackberry tree by a river. This tree, which bore sweet fruits all year round, was home to a monkey named Raktamukha. He spent his days playing, jumping, and eating the sweet blackberries.

One day, a crocodile named Karalamukha came to rest under the tree. Seeing him, Raktamukha offered him some blackberries as a gesture of hospitality. Karalamukha loved the sweet fruits and became friends with Raktamukha. They would chat and eat blackberries together every day.

One day, Karalamukha asked Raktamukha for some blackberries to take home to his wife. Raktamukha happily gave him more fruits. Karalamukha’s wife loved the sweet fruits and wondered if the monkey who ate these fruits would taste even better. She asked Karalamukha to bring her the monkey’s heart.

Karalamukha was shocked and refused, saying it was wrong to harm his friend. But his wife insisted and even stopped eating, saying she would rather die if he didn’t do as she wished. Feeling helpless, Karalamukha sadly agreed to her demand and thought of a plan to catch his friend.

Karalamukha, the crocodile, told Raktamukha, the monkey, that his wife wanted to meet him and had invited him for dinner. Raktamukha agreed, but since he couldn’t swim, Karalamukha offered to carry him on his back.

As they ventured into deeper waters, Karalamukha revealed his true intentions – he was taking Raktamukha to his wife who wanted to eat his heart, believing it would be as sweet as the blackberries. Raktamukha was shocked but quickly thought of a plan. He told Karalamukha that he kept his heart in the blackberry tree and they should go back to get it.

The gullible crocodile believed him and took him back to the tree. But as soon as they reached, Raktamukha jumped off and climbed up the tree, saving himself from the crocodile’s evil plan.

When Karalamukha asked why he was taking so long, Raktamukha revealed that he had tricked him. He told Karalamukha that it was impossible for someone to remove their own heart and store it elsewhere. He scolded Karalamukha for his betrayal and told him to leave and never return.

Feeling ashamed of his actions, Karalamukha left.

Moral of the Story “The Clever Monkey and the Deceitful Crocodile” is Use intelligence to win in difficult situations.